Community First Choice is the best service provider of NDIS plan management services to our clients and their families and caretakers.

As NDIS registered plan management provider, we are there to help you in all things related to managing your NDIS funds, giving you the assurance in knowing the payment of your chosen supports is covered.

We can assist you by processing your payments through the NDIS portal, verifying and claiming appropriate funds from NDIS. We receive invoices from another provider, provide clients with a smooth way to process invoices on time, and keep a record of your overall budget and spending. This information is coordinated and shared with our clients and includes providing regular up-to-date summaries of expenditures and budget details.

We care about your financial situation. Therefore, our plan managers guarantee complete transparency and satisfaction. Our aim is to ensure that you make the most of your overall plan and that your funds are distributed to services that are beneficial to you only. We act as a service intermediary by supporting our clients to explore other budgeting options, establish their financial literacy, and develop their self-management capabilities to ensure they exercise control over their NDIS plan.

  • Let us pay your invoices in few seconds
  • The simplest way for your to track your funds 24/7
  • Understand how you’re utilising your funds
  • Get advice to maximise your plan and get complete benefits
  • Free up your crucial time

Here’s what you can expect when you choose Community First Choice as your plan manager:

Plan Utilisation

Our plan managers help you with utilizing non-registered NDIS services, advising you on what you can and cannot use your NDIS funds for and keep a record of your plan.

Funds Management

As your plan manager, we’ll claim invoices from the NDIS along with the price guide, process your expenses and pay your service providers on your behalf.

We’ll also provide you with ongoing help when you need it and provide you with monthly payment statements of your expenditures