Innovative Community Participation

The innovative community participation program targets at creating a communal interaction between people with disabilities and the larger community wherein they can interact with others in a social setting and take part in activities of their choice. This innovative community participation serves multiple purposes such as accelerating communication and participation alongside giving a chance to participants to find like-minded people and indulge in hobbies and recreation. This also gives people a chance to build a network and probably gain employment. The opportunity to be in a communal setup and interacting and communicating with others help participants improve their independence and confidence levels. 

Community First Choice  lays excellent emphasis on innovative community participation programs and gives their aid toward this. All supports funded under the NDIS innovative community program need to be tested as affordable and essential given the participant’s goals. It could include, however, aren’t restrained to the following:

Recreational activities – There is a provision for a restrained range of programs the person can partake in to decide if it is of interest. If yes, they are able to continue with it.

Group activities – This alternative allows them to interact in group sports together with camps and training, that can enhance their interpersonal skills, verbal exchange skills, and so on.