Assist Product-Household Task

Many participants would require assistance in accessing the things they use in their household. This might sound trivial but as they either have restricted mobility or other impairments, the likelihood is that that they could not have full control of themselves. Hence, it’s better to make sure that they’re in acomfortable and safe ethos. The Community First Choice specifies disability assistive products or items which will make everyday activities like cooking, cleaning, showering, etc easier for participants. A number of the favoured items included under assistive products chores include:

  • Myoelectric prosthetic 
  • Non-slip bathmat 
  • Pressure mattresses 
  • Desktop electronic magnification 
  • Alarms and doorbells 
  • Programmable memory aids 
  • Handrails or a ramp 
  • Environmental control units (ECUs) 
  • Implant speech processors 
  • Adapted clocks