Assist Life Stage, Transition

Transitioning to a different stage of life may be a challenging time for anyone, and if you are disabled, then it is really harder. At Community First Choice,  we assist our participants through life-stage transitions. There are many transition phases throughout a journey of life – starting school, leaving home, getting that first job, or retiring from work etc.  You’ll receive benefits from us at each of those stages of life with planned methods that examine individual abilities, needs and aims. With complete planning and networking, we will support you through life’s transitions and on to achieving your goals in life.

Employment preparation

We can help you to find out job listings and sending your application to the companies. Resume and cover letter writing are essential skills our team can help you with. We’ll also help you implement your interpersonal skills, confidence along with communication, and interview skills.

Assistance employed

Once you get a job, we’ll assist you in everything from helping you to going to your workplace to maintaining communication with your employer and other staff members. We will be with you at each step of the way as you gain more independence and confidence through employment.