Coronavirus circumstance has made a lot of fears in the personalities of the NDIS members. We at Community First Choice get numerous inquiries, wherein the members ask about the impact of the pandemic on the help they get under the NDIS plan. We will attempt to address a portion of the normal worries of the members here. On the off chance that you actually discover your question unsettled, you can call us, and we will be eager to assist.

Continuity of Services

Indeed, we will keep on offering the types of assistance, measure your solicitations as we did in ordinary conditions. Our group will stay focused in offering you the help you need, and we have received a few careful steps in these uncommon occasions. We encourage every one of the members to follow the rule given by the government and the health specialists now and again.

Discovering support

We have guaranteed that our help administrations stay continuous, and our entire staff keep on working with certain additional safety measures as considered fundamental. All actions are taken to guarantee the security of the workers and the participants.

Using the NDIS asset to purchase PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

You are permitted to buy a face mask and gloves in the event that you get ‘face to face’ support under your NDIS plan. On the off chance that your arrangement is self or plan-managed, such buys can be made, and the case is submitted. However, hand sanitizers won’t be considered as a component of PPE. The members are not permitted to utilize their NDIS subsidizing for such buys.

Will you charge higher because of the pandemic circumstance?

No, all the service providers need to follow as far as possible referenced in the NDIS  value guide.  You can check the official site of NDIS or contact our delegate for the same.